El Charro Cafe, Tucson, Arizona

When one reaches my age you come to grips with a few things. I won't ever reach six feet tall, the odds of me becoming president are slim, I will never find the perfect mexican breakfast taco as it can't exist, I won't break a 4 minute mile nor will I ever play tight end for the Green Bay Packers. In fact, other than playing for Green Bay which I still haven't totally ruled out(I'm only 45 and lots of 45 year olds walk on to NFL teams having never played a down in their life) I don't even think about the others as they are about as likely as winning the lottery if you don't play. And then last week lighting struck. I was in Tucson for a wedding and someone recommended a taco restaurant that they said was "authentic". Since this person was from Chicago I was expecting to come upon a new franchise of Baja Fresh Burrito but instead, it was like I imagine heaven to be. Charro hats everywhere, amazing mexican art on the walls as well as framed, ranchera music from the 1950's and food that I have only experienced once or twice in my life. Corn Tamales made in the back, tacos with eggs, salsa, rice, beans, radishes, homemade corn tortillas and love. I would and will fly back to Tucson just to eat here again. And just to put the nail in the coffin of best breakfast tacos in the world, El Charro Cafe is the oldest Mexican restaurant in the United States.