Kamalame, Bahamas

Kamalame is a small private island about a half mile off the coast of Andros Iland in the Bahamas. With amazing Bone fishing,some of the caribbean's best diving and snorkeling, a spa the extends out over the water, ocean side tennis court and a couple of honor bars where you serve yourself, it may just be the best place in all of the caribbean to get away. About a mile long and 200 feet wide, there is one road right down the middle of the island that is used only by the pink golf cart that comes with each room. With only 10 bungalows, the odds of their actually being traffic is zero so it turned out to be a great place for my 6 year old to learn how to drive.

 Bought by Jennifer and David Hew from the Bahamian government as a wild island it took years of building and the planting thousands of coconut trees in buckets to get it to what it is today. Make sure you schedule your trip around their amazing beach BBQ's as it may be the single greatest feast of grilled shellfish the world has ever seen, leaving you to waddle down the beach to your Bungalow to sleep off all the Carib beers you drank to wash it down.