la Bastide de Moustiers, Moustiers-Sainte-Marie,France

I have been sitting on this story for about a year but the images from this shoot are finally appearing everywhere so I can talk about it. I was hired by Celebrity Cruises to go to the French Riviera and the Italian coast to do some ads showing amazing experiences you can have while cruising Europe on Celebrity. I have to say one of the greatest shoots I have done in a long time and to top it off, we shot at Alain Ducasse's hotel and restaurant la Bastide de Moustiers just a short helicopter ride away from Monaco in Provence. This to me is everything an amazing meal should be. The menu changes daily based on what is fresh. Acres of gardens on property for growing local seasonal fruits and vegtables. An amazing setting that overlooks olive tree orchards and mountains. Absolutely a top 5 lifetime dining experience and he was doing a catered crew meal! So to recap, I got to take a helicopter ride from Monaco to Provence to shoot and more importantly eat at Alain Ducasse's restaurant. Kick me next time I complain.