After spending most of the winter working on my letterhead and overall branding I was looking for a letterpress artist and my friend Michelle Wells recommended Peter Kurty and his wife Sayre. After being totally blown away by their work and studio space I jokingly asked if he ever gave workshops and he offered to have a weekend workshop for just me and my assistant Pat. I took him up on the idea and needed to print opening pages for my new portfolio so the timing was perfect. 

Peter has an amazing collection of antique type. I could go through it for days.

Inks of every shade and type known to man. 

SPOILER ALERT! I little preview of the plate used to make the opening page of my new portfolio.

Pat printing his cards on the second day.

Peter showing me how to tie metal type together to save it for reprinting if necessary.

It felt so good to get in the studio and do something entirely by hand. Thanks to Peter for an amazing experience.