Fox Brothers BBQ Atlanta

I have to say I could not have been more happy with this place on a recent trip to Atlanta. It's Texas BBQ in Atlanta which made me nervous but everything I had was amazing. The pulled pork and the brisket are as good as I imagined but the frito pie,  jalapeño cornbread, greens, smothered fries with jalapeño and the fried okra stole the show. The main eating area is in a tent in a parking lot which adds nothing but class to this joint. Almost worth a trip to Atlanta just to eat there. Might want to schedule a colonic for the next morning though.

Atlanta Auction Gallery

Yelling fire won't make me move as fast as "Antique auction with free BBQ and beer." Hearing that and we were off to Atlanta Auction Gallery, which being really kind, is not in the best part of town. My assistant Pat's friend David told us he was off to pick for his great little antique store in Atlanta and asked us to meet him there. Growing up in Iowa I spent what felt like every Saturday at my local auction house with my parents and in the summer I spent every Saturday at the livestock auction with my grandfather. This was exactly like I remember. The most random amount of crap you have ever seen mixed with a few pieces of total awesomeness. Walking in is a long buffet with BBQ, hamburgers, corn, greens and whatever else the caterer had left over from a higher paying job. That said, the best part of auctions are setting around and BS'ing with friends while drinking keg beer from a solo cup. I can't wait to go back.