Enoteca Alessi, Florence Italy

Enoteca Alessi is an amazing wine shop in the center of Florence. But what makes them different is they are also one of the most amazing lunch restaurants I have ever eaten at. You just tell Antonella, who is usually at the front desk that you would like to eat and instantly a table appears, amazing local wine is served and about 2 glasses later, your table is full of amazing local meats, cheeses and fruit. Two bottles per person later you roll out arguing over which cured meet was the best. No need for dinner options on the day you eat lunch here as you won't be able to eat again that day.

La Prosciutteria, Florence Italy

About a 3 minute walk from Piazza della Signoria in central florence is a hole in the wall eating establishment that just may be the best cheap restaurant in Italy, La Prosciutteria. You walk in, order at the counter(they can't serve you as it is technically not a restaurant) and set down with a glass of great reasonable priced local vino. Moments later a long piece of wood covered in local awesomeness arrives and the battle at your table begins and all conversation stops. Three hours later you stumble out, full and drunk, and try to figure out the maze that is Florence as you attempt to return to your hotel. Next night you swear you will try somewhere else but you end up back here, repeating yourself. 

Make sure to try the Creamed gorgonzola with black truffles.

World Bicycling Championship Florence,Italy

If you grew up loving bicycle racing as much as I did you will understand how insanely cool it was to be in Florence shooting and to find out at the exact same time the World Bicycling Championships were going on. Only got to see one day(Team time trials) and a practice day but an awesome event to see live. Reminder to self, get a bigger tivo as  the Tour de France fills the whole hard drive and delete's my wife and son's shows.