Fat Radish, New York

A few months ago I was contacted by Bon Appétit Magazine to do a shoot for BMW with the owners/chef of Fat Radish for the September and October issues. After seeing what they had in mind I was really excited and after eating at the restaurant I was totally sold. Ben Towill and Phil Winser opened this mostly healthy restaurant on the Lower East Side in 2011 and it has been packed ever since. It has since become one of my favorite NY restaurants, and the best part is you can eat out and still feel good about what you ate. We shot at the restaurant and at a farm upstate where they get a lot of their local seasonal produce from. The best part of the two days was the catering was from Fat Radish! Here is a small sampler of what we shot. To see more check out the September and October issue of Bon Appétit.

Pouring Ribbons, New York City

Imagine if Larry Bird, Magic Johnson, Michael Jordan and Lebron James started a basketball team? The same thing happened here except in the bar industry. Four bar heavyweights started an amazing bar on the lower east side that serves amazing drinks in an equally amazing setting. Just don't come and expect to order your usual, this is the place to give over control and order one of their amazing concoctions. And ask for a taste of the vintage Chartreuse. One of the largest selections you will find anywhere in the world. And once again, in collaboration with the amazing crew at Find,Eat,Drink