Pozetto, Paris

Best gelato I've ever had. Period.

Maybe the best expresso as well and that's saying a lot.

After an exhausting shop at BHV or a visit to the soon to reopen Picasso Museum, this Marais shop is worth the wait.


Sennelier, Paris

I love stores that have history and are singular in their focus and no one is more "old school" than Sennelier. They sell traditional art supplies and.......art supplies. Nothing digital or new, just the way the same perfect products since 1887. Cezanne shopped here, they actually made custom types of paint for Picasso. Great selection of pencils and notebooks and a must see if on the Left Bank in St Germaine. And how appropriate, across from the Louvre.

PARIS D'chez Eux

Trying to get caught up after an insane last quarter on the road. For thanksgiving my wife, son and I took off for Paris for a short week and a chance to get away. While Paris is full of amazing restaurants and not so amazing restaurants(Frenchie comes to mind, come on Anthony Bourdain, really?)

We choose out favorite neighborhood restaurant to celebrate thanksgiving and for about the 10th time it exceded my expectations. I know what I’m going to order before I walk in the door(cassoulet, frog legs) and it’s always better than I remember.